How to Hold Your Birthday Party in a Dance Club |

How to Hold Your Birthday Party in a Dance Club

Having your birthday is always a thanksgiving to all the people that have helped you along the way. It is also a way of celebrating life itself, for the health and for the career that you have. One way to hold a birthday party for your family and friends is in a dance club.


Dance club? Really? Definitely, yes. A lot of dance clubs like Dekadans have been allowing their guests to reserve their whole entertainment center in order to hold birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, weddings, and even just for any kind of parties. Some even give big discounts and voucher codes to those who would book an event with them six to ten months before.

Steps in holding your birthday party in a dance club

Book the dance club as early as you can


With more and more people going to dance clubs to celebrate their special events, you have got to get your day booked as early as possible. Some of the famous clubs and entertainment centers can have reservations as early as one year before the event. The key here is deciding fast and booking early.

If you have a preferred dance club, then you should contact the person in charge of booking the whole center. You can call them to determine the rates and the availability of their establishment on the day of the event. If you get lucky and have a free schedule, it is recommended that you book the club right there and then. If you do not have the money yet, all they ask of you is a reservation fee which will not cost you much.

Determine the amenities that you want to use

Dance clubs can offer different amenities and facilities that guests can use. Some have billiard halls. Others have karaoke rooms. Others even have indoor swimming pools. Go and ask their customer support and see the features of the club that you want to utilize. But you have to remember that the more facilities you reserve, the higher will be the total cost that you will spend.


Determine the food and drinks that you will serve the guests

Since it will a dance club, they will need all the energy that they can get. Most dance clubs have a bar inside the hall which make the ordering easier for the guests. As for the food, some have restaurants that offer different cuisines to customers.