Tips for First Time Party Girls |

Tips for First Time Party Girls


To all party girl wannabees out there, yeah I am talking to you. It is not as easy as you think. It will really take you a lifetime to know the ins and outs of partying. I can honestly tell you that I still have much to learn on this. But I can also say that I do not belong to the newbies who do not know what to do in a club. So, get your offers & coupons, sit back and relax as you read this article for my personal tips for girls who want to party all night.

Make sure that you are on a guest list

I am telling you that it will be a lot easier for you if you are on a guest list. You do not wait in long lines before you can get in. You do not have to spend that much. And you will not spend half of the night only to be advised that the dance club is full.

To do this, you have to connect to the right people. You can also do this by just searching the club online and knowing how to get to the guest list.

Dress to impress

dressYou should always come ready for the club. What I mean with ready is dressing great. It is not for the people that you will meet in the club but for yourself. Some clubs have dress codes that they adhere to. So you will a more difficult problem to enter into a club if you are not dressed properly.

You can never go wrong with a dress and a pair of heels. It will look casual yet a little on the cocktail side. If you do not have a dress to wear in clubs, you can always visit online shops like Lazada and Zalora. They have a lot of affordable dresses and other clothes which you can buy when you shop online.

Act like it is not your first time

Even if you are going to a pub or club for the first time, it does not actually have to look like you are. Remove that no-idea look from your face and start having fun. The tell-tale signs that it is your first time in a club is that you do not know what drink to order. You get baffled by the prices of a simple cocktail, which can be pretty steep, and you do not know how to dress to impress. Here is how you should do it. You must order the first cocktail that comes to mind. Bring some money or have your friends pay for your drinks. And lastly, you should dress nicely in a club. Fortunately, you do not have to spend much. Use промокод answear to get affordable yet chic dresses for parties.

Bring a buddy

Even if you don’t plan to get drunk all night, you cannot really know what will go inside the club. You might find yourself drinking your heart out. Your safest bet during these times is your buddy. Always bring a buddy who will take care of you and bring you home after all the partying.

If you have a girl squad, bring them all with you. When it comes to partying, the more, the merrier. We don’t discourage you from going to a party all by yourself. But it is a lot safer if you have friends with you, and more fun, too. So call them with code promo American eagle, and let’s get the party started.