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all-in-one entertainment center

We are an all-in-one entertainment center where you can find everything that you need to have fun, celebrate events, and make lasting happy memories with your family and friends. Looking at your wife and kids smiling and enjoying themselves is the same as getting special discounts at your favorite store when you shop online. We have more than just a venue that you can book and reserve. We offer awesome experiences for you to cherish for a lifetime.


Get to know DekaDans

Having fun is all about making the most of where you are. Even if you are right in the middle of the city and you want to enjoy moments together with people that you love, all it takes is to find the best place to have some drinks, sing some tunes, dance on some music, and surely have an amusing time with your family and friends.


The Party Place

You can find our amenities to be more than sufficient for anything and everything that you want. From our karaoke rooms to our dance clubs, you will have the best time of your lives here in Dekadans. You will also hear and see great performances from today’s popular artists, rock bands, acoustic duos, divas, and other soloists.


Enjoy professional equipment

If you think that the fun starts only in our centers, you will be surprised that you will find our websites to be enjoyable as well. Put a bookmark on our website and frequently visit our site to get spot discounts, concert tickets, and other voucher codes from us. Chill and have a grand time here!


The first entertainment club that displayed the name Dekadans was established in 2011. Being situated in the heart of Amsterdam, we knew that we had to make ourselves different from everybody else. So we thought of the most enjoyable activities that all people want to do. And we came up with these two- singing and dancing.

Main facilities

Our facilities are unique compared to other establishments and buildings. The dance floor is right in the middle of the whole building. It can house two hundred to five hundred people in one event. We can adjust the size of the room with retractable walls to accommodate the number of guests per show or activity. During concerts and acoustic nights, we open up the whole floor for the comfort of ticket-buyers and customers.

Surrounding the dance studio is a sequence of rooms that you can reserve for your karaoke nights with friends, family, and other loved ones. We have as much as 50 rooms for our customers. The more rooms you book, the higher the discounts that we give for them. We also give voucher codes per room during special events celebrated in our entertainment centers. Book a room during our anniversary and have as much as half the price off on our karaoke rooms.

The rooms are insulated and soundproofed to ensure that you will have all the privacy that you need for your parties. Sing your heart out with your friends without worrying about hearing or being heard by people in the other room. You can enjoy the room for as long as you can.


We have a restaurant at the side of the entertainment center that caters to people who love different kinds of cuisine. Our international chefs have a very diverse palette. Our menu consists of cuisines of Japanese, Korean, American, British, Mediterranean, Thai, Dominican, and Australian origins.

Whether you are at the dance hall or inside karaoke rooms, you can order food from the restaurant. We have personnel that will await your orders. We will send you your most favorite cookeries with a taste just like the way you imagined it would be- sumptuous and delicious.

If you want to have a simple dinner, you can go directly to the restaurant. It is actually a separate establishment that is connected to our entertainment centers. Have the best time of your lives talking and savoring the food that we serve here in our highly-rated restaurants.

So what are you waiting for? Call and text your family and friends and book a room with us for a great karaoke time or go directly to the main disco hall to hear the music and feel the beat as you strut your stuff and disco the night away.

We are open:

Monday- Sunday: 24 Hrs
(Phone until 17:30 Hrs)
Friday - 8:00-14:00


Oostzeedijk 245, 3061 CX Rotterdam, Netherlands
Phone:+31 10 433 0998